Food Access Programs Using Local Food

Institutions are not the only ones starting to buy local food. Organizations involved in food access initiatives are trying to do their part to support farmers from the area too. As food prices go up, local food is also becoming more cost competitive. In 2015, the Good Food Box bought $29,332 worth of food from growers in the Thunder Bay area: 18,526 lbs of potatoes, 837 cabbages, 1160 squash, 4,145 lbs of carrots, 1,170 ears of corn, and 51 litres of local blueberries. This was $8,000 more than they purchased the previous year ($21,402 in 2014). The Regional Food Distribution Association also uses local food in their programming and food box. Several nearby farms and a couple community gardens donate produce during the growing season to the RFDA.