Gaagige Zaagibigaa

Gaagige Zaagibigaa (“GZ”) is a community-led initiative that is bringing Indigenous practitioners, funders and other stakeholders together to develop a food system planning and resourcing process that strengthens Indigenous food sovereignty and food security. The name Gaagige Zaagibigaa was chosen through the ancestral Anishinaabewi practice of naming with guidance from language speakers on their advisory council. Gaagige translates to “forever” and Zaagibigaa translates to “cultivating or budding”.

Currently, in northern Ontario, there is no systematic strategy for addressing food insecurity in Indigenous communities that clearly links community driven priorities, integrated comprehensive planning, and financial and technical resources. The Centre is supporting GZ to develop a community-led food system planning and resourcing process with the goal of supporting households and communities to advance food-based initiatives that align with Indigenous values and in Indigenous settings.  Learn more: