Processor/ retailer partnership makes regional fish more available

Eat the Fish, East Coast Seafood

A new partnership between seafood retailer East Coast Seafood and local fish processor Eat the Fish has made locally-caught fish more accessible to the region. 

Typically, local commercial fishermen have sold their product to processors outside of the market, making it difficult for those who don’t fish themselves to enjoy fish from the area.  Eat the Fish has been working since 2016 to develop partnerships with commercial fishermen throughout the region to process their product, making a variety of local species available to Thunder Bay consumers.

In 2022 Eat the Fish began working with East Coast Seafood to distribute their product to regional restaurants and retailers.  Whole and filleted lake trout and whitefish from Lake Superior and Lake Nipigon are available through Eat the Fish’s website and their booth at the Thunder Bay Country Market as well as at East Coast Seafood’s retail location in Thunder Bay.