Thunder Bay Community Pasture develops drought-tolerant rotational grazing system thanks to government funding

Rotational grazing is a pasture management method that uses interior fencing and gates to restrict cattle to one segment of pasture at a time, letting other segments reseed and regrow before the cows have access again. Careful supervision ensures that cows are moved to the next segment before the grasses are grazed beyond recovery, supporting the development of robust, resilient vegetation with plenty of nutrients.

Thunder Bay Community Pasture Board Member Larry Bockus says a $90,000 grant received from the Federal and Provincial governments by the not-for-profit organization has allowed them to install fencing for a rotational grazing system that will improve the pastures significantly. The system will help keep the shared grazing lands in much better shape during drought conditions like the ones experienced in 2021. The Community Pasture’s initial fencing improvements were completed in time for the cows to be put through a rudimentary rotation that summer, with good results.  Learn more in this interview with Larry Bockus.